Use Honeyrose cigarettes to stop natural

Use Honeyrose cigarettes to stop smoking by using their free stop plan that is included.

The cigarettes are manufactured from a variety of herbs. The main ingredients are marshmallow herb, clover and rose petals.

Other natural substances are used to get a number of different flavors.

A free quit smoking plan is available which guides you through the quitting process. You slowly replace your regular smokes with the herbal cigarettes.

You are then weaned off your nicotine cigarettes, and by a reduction method you are able completely to quit smoking within 3 weeks.

The production of Honeyrose cigarettes is done in England since 1960. Many smokers have already beaten their nicotine addiction and the cigarettes are still used with a high percentage of success.

Different flavors of Honeyrose natural cigarettes:

Different flavors of the herbal cigarettes are available which are tobacco as well as nicotine free---

  • Menthol cigarettes have menthol added with the herbal mixture and a cigarette contains 6mg tar.
  • Ginseng smokes use the regular herbs with ginseng and exotic yellow papers added, and one cigarette contains 7 mg tar.
  • With Deluxe Luxe herbal cigarettes apple and honey juice are added to the herbs with a level of 6mg tar.
  • Vanilla cigarettes have a taste of vanilla added, and a cigarette contains 8mg tar.
  • Strawberry cigarettes taste like strawberry, and one cigarette also contains 8mg tar.
  • Two more flavors that contain 8mg of tar per herbal cigarette are Cherry and Chocolate.
  • Clove cigarettes have a light clove aroma, and it contains the highest level of tar which is 10 mg per cigarette.
  • Blue cigarettes are mild, and it only contains 3mg of tar per cigarette.

It is best to select a flavor that tastes like the brand of cigarettes you are smoking. It is then easier to change over to the natural cigarettes.

A special stop smoking plan:

When you buy Honeyrose cigarettes, you receive a free quit smoking plan. The plan you choose is determined by the amount of cigarettes you smoke per day.

This is a three week stop smoking plan. The First day of the first week you start smoking a minimum amount of herbal cigarettes. This minimum amount then replaces the amount of normal cigarettes you are used to.

If, for instance, you are used to 20 per day you will now smoke 3 herbal cigarettes during the first day and 17 will be normal cigarettes.

You will keep on reducing the normal cigarettes, and after two, weeks you will be completely free from the nicotine cigarettes.

During this period, you will keep on increasing the daily amount of natural cigarettes until day 6. Then you will smoke a specific amount of 10 Honeyrose herbal cigarettes for 6 days.

From day 12, you will decrease the amount of natural cigarettes with one per day and then at day 21 you will be smoke free.

This is a well tested plan that has helped many smokers to quit the nicotine addiction. It is worth a try.

If you are worried that the cravings will become too difficult to handle at certain times you could keep a back up. If you have a packet of herbal cigarettes you can always light one to help you handle the cravings.,

If now and then you get an instant urge you can just light a nicotine free cigarette. It helps.

Facts worth mentioning about the Honeyrose cigarettes:

  • Use the free quit smoking plan to quit within three weeks.
  • You can use the Honeyrose cigarettes without the fear of developing a dependency. The cigarettes are all natural, tobacco free and nicotine free, and it does not contain any addictive ingredients. No chemicals are added.
  • The fact that you can still hold a cigarette and smoke it when you really want to is great for handling the habitual addiction.
  • These Honeyrose cigarettes do not always taste too good. If, however, you are without a cigarette for a while and you crave for a smoke then these cigarettes are more than welcome.
  • Honeyrose cigarettes feel and look like normal cigarettes, but they are cheaper and less toxic.
  • The plan that is used to wean you off cigarettes is psychologically much less demanding than when you have to stop abruptly.

Some words of caution about the Honeyrose cigarettes:

  • It is important to read all labels and instructions before you start using the Honeyrose herbal cigarettes.
  • Bear in mind that it is much healthier to use the natural cigarettes when compare to normal cigarettes. You are, however, still allowing tar and carbon monoxide to enter your body, and it is dangerous.
  • The best is to quit completely, but if it is impossible to quit the herbal smokes are the best of the bad ones.

To conclude:

The Honeyrose herbal cigarettes are a good alternative to help you quit smoking. They are less attractive than normal cigarettes. If you keep on using it you will beat your desire for smoking.

The variety of herbs that are used in Honeyrose herbal cigarettes makes it a winner.

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