Use the Habitrol nicotine patch to stop stress free

Use the Habitrol nicotine  patch to suppress cravings.  Stick it  preferably above the waist and below the neck. 

It can help you to gradually quit smoking in a stress free manner.

Use one patch per day to suppress nicotine cravings and to become smoke free again.

Working of the Habitrol nicotine patch:

The transdermal patch is placed on the skin, and nicotine enters the body via a membrane from the patch. A controlled amount of nicotine and at a low rate is allowed to enter the body during a 24 hour period.

An eight week quit smoking course is used. Three boxes of patches are used.

 Each box contains Habitrol nicotine patches with different strengths. The packets are used chronologically.

You start with the stronger and end with the packet that contains the least amount of nicotine per patch.

How to use the habitrol nicotine  patch:

Habitrol nicotine transdermal patches are bought three packets at a time. Three strengths of patches are used. The nicotine strength in each packet is reduced.

Beginning with the stronger patch, you will be able to wean you gradually off nicotine. After 8, weeks, you will be weaned of cigarettes and normally with not too many withdrawal symptoms.

The best option is to complete the eight week course fully. Even if, you feel it is not necessary to do so. The best is to complete it and avoid a possible relapse.

In some rare occasions, people feel they want to use the program for longer than 8 weeks. It can be done, but do ask your doctor if you consider using it for a longer period.

Remember although it is controlled, it is still nicotine that enters your body. Nicotine poisoning is always possible and very dangerous, as well.

It is recommended that you apply a new Habitrol nicotine  patch every morning. The patch should be left for 24 hours. After the 24 hour period, you should take the old one of and apply a new patch, but not on the same place as the old one was.

It is important that your skin must be clean, healthy and dry before a patch is applied. To avoid any irritation of the skin it is important that you do not use the same spot when replacing a nicotine patch.

After 7, days, it is allowed to put a patch on a similar spot again. No skin irritation will be experienced.

The what if’s of the  Habitrol nicotine  patch:

  • What if you take a cigarette at a moment of weakness while busy with the course?

---Just carry on with the course and don’t smoke again. Do no let one minor weakness upset you.

  • What if there is mild itching, burning or tingling when you first use the nicotine patch?

--- This is normal, and it will go away within the first hour after you start using it. If it becomes severe, and keep on for longer than an hour, you should remove the patch and see a doctor.

  • What happens if the nicotine patch gets wet?

---Nothing will happen. You can wear it while you take a bath or a shower or even when you are swimming.

  • What do you do with a patch if you are finished using it?

---Fold it and stick the sticky halves together. Then you throw it away. It should be kept away from children and pets at all times.

  • What if you have sleep disturbances or bad dreams while wearing the nicotine patch at night?

---Take the patch off when you go to bed and put on a new one the next morning. Just do not smoke while you are not wearing a patch at night.

  • What if you only use the Habitrol nicotine patch and nothing else during your stop smoking course?

---It is effective, and it is very likely that you will quit smoking successfully.

Using it together with another quit smoking program that can help with the mental addiction always increases the rate of success.

Words of caution about the Habitrol nicotine transdermal patches:

  • Read the labels at all times to ensure optimum and safe results.
  • If you have a real desire to quit, the nicotine patch will be much more effective.
  • Do not take in smoke, second hand smoke or chewing tobacco while using these patches. It could lead to a nicotine overdose.
  • Pregnant and nursing women must not use the patch. It could lead to nicotine intake by the baby or unborn baby. It contains nicotine that is highly addictive and toxic.
  • Persons younger than 18 years should consult a doctor before using the nicotine patch.
  • Before you use the patch, you should see a doctor if you have problems with your heart, blood pressure, skin allergies or if you are taking medicine for depression or asthma.
  • The patch must not be cut into half or any smaller pieces. Use the nicotine patch as is.
  • Leaving the patch on for longer than 24 hours could irritate the skin and it loses it strength, as well.

Facts worth mentioning about the nicotine patch:

  • We can be certain that the Habitrol nicotine  patch is effective and safe to use because it is recommended by doctors.
  • When you use the patch, you will not take in any more harmful toxins, tar and chemicals that are caused by cigarette smoke.
  • Your breathing will improve, as well as your taste buds and smelling, and you will not expose other people to dangerous passive smoking.
  • The nicotine patch is effective, easy to use and easy to buy and at a variety of shops.

Side effects associated with the nicotine patches:

Severe side effects could be experienced by some users and it would be best to see a doctor if it happens.

To Conclude:

The amount of cigarettes you smoke per day determines the level at which to start with the Habitrol nicotine patch  program.

Read the labels, determine your level and try it, gradually become smoke free and without the stress.

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