Giving up smoking cold turkey to stop suddenly

 Giving up smoking cold turkey is to quit immediate. You will not use any quit smoking aids to help you with your quitting process.

You decide suddenly to cut yourself off from smoking. You do it without support.

Many people have used this method by just stop smoking suddenly because it was just a spur of the moment decision. No thinking about quitting or planning ahead take place before the time.

One can only use one’s own mental ability to help you through the withdrawal periods.

It sounds difficult and nearly impossible, but according to statistics more than 80% of successful quitters use this method.

It sounds impossible, but I can take my own situation to illustrate. I am the youngest child of seven. Of this seven brothers and sisters only one never smoked. The other six of us used to smoke for a couple of years.

Then 3 sisters and 1 brother stopped cold turkey. My other brother stopped using stop smoking gums. I also stopped at once, but I took out a book at the library and educated myself on what to do when the nicotine cravings became nearly unbearable.

The six of us successfully became ex-smokers.

What you should do successfully to giving up smoking cold turkey.

  • Do you want to quit, do you really want to quit? It is imperative that one really must have this intense desire really to quit forever.
  • When I decided to quit I had this one intense desire. I realized that my casual “playing around” with cigarettes became a monster. It controlled me it controlled my life it became my boss, and I just had to get rid of it forever

  • One must have a proper plan.You must decide on a quit date and prepare yourself.
  • You must decide what to do when all people around you smoke while socializing. Know your triggers and how to deal with it once you quit.
  • You must realize that, with giving up smoking cold turkey, the withdrawal symptoms will be short, but fierce. (With the cold turkey method, you will rid your body of all levels of nicotine in a relative short time. When the level of nicotine in your body is low your body will crave, but once it is empty your body will not crave any more.) You must decide before the time how to handle the short and fierce moments of nicotine cravings.
  • Remember not to see the plan that you have to quit as a loss of part of your pleasure or relaxation. Rather see it as a way to gain your freedom from this deadly addiction
  • See that you have a proper support system. Persons with a proper support system in place are likely to become ex-smokers when using the quit smoking cold turkey method.
  • It could be support groups on the internet or locally or family and friends the details do not matter. What matters is the fact that you must have support.
  • In my case, I had only one supporter, and that was my wife, and she was brilliant.
  • You have to start following a well balanced diet a while before you quit date. A good idea will be to see your doctor for advice and support.
  • You must get use to regular exercising before your quit date. Remember that feeling good endorphins are released at high levels of exercising. It will have high value once you quit.
  • Educate you. Read books or talk to ex-smokers.--People who educate themselves before stopping cold turkey are always more successful than people that do not enhance their quit smoking knowledge--
  • Never allow any nicotine to enter your body again. When I stopped I decided that a cigarette will not touch my lips again. That was in 1994, and it worked for me.

Facts worth mentioning about giving up smoking cold turkey:

  • The duration of the withdrawal period for stop smoking cold turkey is shorter when compared with other quit smoking methods.
  • Giving up smoking cold turkey is one of the best ways quickly and effectively to rid your system of nicotine.
  • If you succeed with this method it leaves with you with a “feel good about yourself attitude” because you can proof that a positive attitude towards quitting can make it work without any external assistance.
  • This method is cheap it is easy to do, and you do not have to spend long hours that are specifically dedicated to quitting.

Words of caution about quitting smoking cold turkey:

  • Although the withdrawal period is usually short it is fierce and sometimes can make you really feel sick. The way in which you withstand these withdrawal symptoms will largely determine your failure or success.
  • Giving up smoking cold turkey can make you feel that you suddenly have to give up a part of your whole way of living. That could be very difficult to cope with.
  • When using this method to quit you must remember that you are on your own. You have no smoking cessation products available to assist in your quitting effort.

Conclusive words about the giving up smoking cold turkey method:

I think the first time you see and read about this quit smoking method it seems impossible to quit using a system without any assistance or backup.

If you really think about it and you consider the positives associated with this giving up smoking cold turkey method, as well as the available preparations to ensure success, then it becomes a viable option and worth a try.

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