Use Easy ways to quit smoking to stop

Easy ways to quit smoking address both parts of nicotine addiction.

Nicotine addiction is physical as well as mental, and both should be addressed to quit with success..

Realizing that there is more than one aspect to be addressed, makes it more difficult to quit.

On the other hand, one must realize that it is possible to find the right way to end your nicotine addiction.

The secret is to educate your self. Study some of the different ways to quit smoking and then find the way that suits you best.

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Some of the many easy ways to quit smoking:

1) Acupuncture.

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical practice which uses needles. The needles are placed at specific spots in the skin when treating addiction to nicotine.

2) Alternative treatment.

Different stop smoking medications are available over the internet or at your local drugstore.

3) Books.

Books are relative cheap and help you to quit using a wide variety of quit smoking plans.

I used “How to stop smoking and stay stopped.” It is a book that taught me some valuable lessons. It is easy to use at your own time and pace.

What is very good about “How to stop smoking and stay stopped” is the fact that it teaches you what to do when the nicotine cravings hit you. The cravings are normally very short, but it is imperative to take the proper actions when it strikes.

4) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is used to work on the mind’s beliefs and attitudes in order to eliminate learned responses of smoking.

5) Cold turkey.

With cold turkey, you just stop immediately. Cold turkey is one of the easy ways to quit smoking with a very high rate of success.

6) CD’s and DVD’s.

Many quit smoking CD’s and DVD’s are available that help you to quit smoking while listening to cessions within the comfort of your own home.

7) Emotional freedom techniques.

This is one of the easy ways to quit smoking that is still relative new. Some people have already used it with a high rate of success.

It involves gently massaging certain acupressure points whilst repeating phrases designed to free you from a bad feeling. In this case, the bad feeling would be the smoking craving.

This is cheaper and less painful than acupuncture.

8) Gradual reduction.

Gradual reduction plans as Quitkey is used to wean you off cigarettes.

Nicotine fading can also be used by switching to cigarettes with lower and lower nicotine levels before quitting completely.

9) Hypnosis as one of the easy ways to quit smoking.

Hypnosis is used to penetrate the subconscious mind and change a person’s behavioral patterns as far as his/her smoking habits are concerned.

10) Herbal.

A combination of nature’s herbs is normally used. With this more holistic approach, different problems associated with quitting smoking are addressed at the same instance.

11) Natural stopping is another of the easy ways to quit smoking.

Natural ways to quit smoking are suitable for people who look for a chemical free approach or for people who do not want to use nicotine replacement therapy.

With ways to quit smoking naturally you do not have to put any more nicotine into your body. You can quit smoking in a nicotine free manner.

12) Nicotine Replacement Therapy.

Nicotine replacement products  are some of the different ways to quit smoking that gradually wean you off cigarettes. It is done by replacing cigarettes with other nicotine containing products.

13) Neuro linguistic programming.

NLP effectively removes cravings when trying to quit smoking. Certain preprogrammed solutions are learned and applied when needed.

14) Oral substitutes.

Smoking can gradually be lessened by using oral substitutes such as cinnamon sticks, chewing gums or artificial cigarettes.

15) Prescribed Medications.

Prescription medications such as Champix and Zyban can be used to reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

16) Stop smoking plan.

A solid, detailed written stop smoking plan with a quit date and that include the help of family and friends is always one of the better easy ways to quit smoking.

Select a quit plan from one of the many easy ways to quit smoking. Write your own blue print to quit smoking and stop.

17) Support groups.

You can get support and self help groups on the internet like Nicotine Anonymous.

Family and friends can also play an important role when support is needed while in the quitting process.

When I stopped the support of my wife was invaluable.

Words of caution about the different ways to quit smoking:

  • When quitting you must make sure that you want to quit for the right reasons. It has to be your reasons, not someone else’s.
  • You must never deny the fact that smoking is pleasurable, but also has the potential to cause damage that in the long run could kill you.
  • It is important to realize that you have to approach quitting with an attitude of I can and I will and I must.

Facts worth mentioning:

We must always remember that it is possible to fail the first time when you try to quit. Normally it takes three or more attempts to succeed.

I used a couple of different easy ways to quit smoking before I succeeded.

I started smoking when I was 23. After one month, I stopped cold turkey, but it only lasted 2 weeks and then I just started again.

Then I stopped three more times (cold turkey every time), but it never lasted longer than a month and then I started again.

Then I tried the gradual reduction method, but it did not work for me.

Then I worked out a system where I made my “smoke day” shorter. I only lit my first cigarette at four o clock in the afternoon, but it did not work, because the rest of the day, I was chain smoking.

In 1987, I stopped cold turkey again, and it lasted for one year, but then I started again.

During 1992, I tried the patch, but it did not work for me.

I tried these many easy ways to quit smoking, but I just could not succeed.

Then in 1994 I made the decision to stop and never to smoke again. I took out a good quit smoking book from the library, I learned to condition myself. I set a quit date, and I stopped.

I became an ex-smoker, and I realized that I never shall be a non smoker. I intend to stay an ex-smoker, and I made one single golden rule for myself. - A pipe or a cigarette will never touch my lips again - That was in 1994, and I am still free.

The lesson I have learned is never to stop trying once you failed the first time. Find another one of the different easy ways to quit smoking and try again.

To conclude:

When looking for easy ways to quit smoking it is important to look at two things. With a quit smoking plan that addresses both the physical and mental addiction the changes are better that you will succeed.

When trying to quit it is most likely that you could fail the first time. The best approach will always be to try and try again until you succeed with one of the many easy ways to quit smoking.

Go to a way where by anyone can quit smoking.

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