Use the Easy Quit Smoking book to stop

The Easy Quit Smoking book is a high-grade stop smoking system.

The book  concentrates on the how to stop smoking and not on why.

It stops you from ever wanting to smoke again.

How does the Easy quit smoking system work?

Cognitive, behavioral therapy is used, and it does not require any repeat sessions.

The program comprises an e-book of more or less 100 pages. It is designed into short sessions making certain that you will never experience an information overload.

The detailed instructions in this e-book, written by Pete Howells, are easy to follow. He claims a success rate of 90%.

The author reveals the 22 core beliefs why smokers cannot stop. His advice is that it is best to read and think about what he suggests in the book. Most want to stoppers will then be able to quit without the use of any will power

Benefits associated with this stopping program:

  • No withdrawal symptoms are experienced.
  • No weight gain.
  • An eight-week money back guarantee is offered.

  • This is an inexpensive and easy , costing less than one week’s worth of cigarettes.
  • It takes only three hours.

This is a course that requires some commitment and self motivation. Especially when starting with it. This is because you are on your own.

Support from someone you know is imperative. Fifteen years ago when I stopped my wife played the motivational and supportive roll.

Some important quit smoking facts:

Remember the three important quit smoking facts.

  • If you want to quit successfully the decision to stop must be yours. It must be your own hearts desire.
  • You do need support that is trustworthy and available at any hour of the day or night. Remember x-smokers fulfill excellent supportive rolls.
  • Use a quit smoking program with a high success record and remember you have to keep on trying. You do not always succeed the first time.

To Conclude:

The quit smoking system is a proven method. It can be done without the need for nicotine replacement, patches, pills or other drugs.

It is a fact that many have already benefited from this easy stopping system. I am sure you can do the same. My wish is that after buying the course, you will also come to the conclusion that you never want to smoke again.

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