Stop smoking becomes much easier with CigRx

When using the CigRx stop smoking product, quitting can become a reality. It can be done without too much effort. Negative side effects are restricted to a minimum.

This quit smoking product is a lozenge with a minty taste, and it can be taken whenever one craves for a smoke.

What is this quitting smoking product?

It is a small tic-tac lozenge packed in a small container that is easy to carry with one at all times. A small dispenser dumps out the small mint flavored lozenges whenever and where ever one needs it.

CigRx contains the same amount of anatibine that one finds in a single cigarette. It also contains mate. Mate and anatabine are ingredients that are used to prevent people from overeating.

This quit smoking product does not contain any nicotine and it can thus not be seen as a nicotine replacement product.

How does the product work?

This is a dietary supplement, but it also mimics the stimulus that a person is experiencing in the brain with the nicotine intake. It makes the brain thinking one is receiving nicotine while it is not happening.

This is due to the action of the anatabine in the product. The smartest thing is that it mimics the action of nicotine, but one does not get addicted as with nicotine.

Mate is a stimulant. It works together with anatabine to reduce nicotine cravings.

The lozenge does have the ability to suppress your nicotine craving temporarily due to the working of these ingredients

How to use this stop smoke product:

When one gets the urge to smoke, and one feels one needs a cigarette one just put one or more of these lozenges into your mouth?

It is convenient to suck on it, or one can chew it and eventually one can swallow it.

The tic-tac lozenge will take the nicotine craving away and one can carry on without any more toxic nicotine that enters into your system.

Side effects associated with this quitting smoking product:

Till now nobody reported any negative side effects, but we must know that the product does contain about 1,5 milligrams of caffeine.

Caffeine of 20 to 30 milligram could have mild influence on people that are not used to caffeine use. It is better if that people who are unusually sensitive to caffeine do not use this product.

Normally it is much higher amounts of caffeine that do impose any threats.

On average, people will not experience any negative side effects when they use this lozenge.

Facts worth mentioning about stop smoke with CigRx:

  • It uses all natural ingredients.
  • The product contains no nicotine or tobacco.
  • One does not need a prescription to use the stop smoking product.
  • When using the product one can fight the nicotine cravings and one still experience the “feel happy” sensation of lighting up a cigarette.
  • The on line availability make it easy to buy, and the compactness make it easy to carry a packet with one for easy use when needed.- This is one of the qualities of an excellent quit smoking product -
  • CigRx is also a dietary supplement and it also helps for inflammation.
  • The product can be used at any age.
  • With this product, one can satisfy your desire for a cigarette where and when one may not smoke. It can be in a movie, plain, restaurant or church.
  • CigRx helps one to reduce your cigarette intake, it serves as a smoking alternative, and it can help one to quit smoking at once and forever.
  • One can use the lozenges every time one craves for a cigarette, and as many times as one needs it.
  • Many persons who used this product to curb their cravings send positive testimonials.

Words of caution about this stop smoke product:

When a person uses this stop smoke product, he/she can still miss the hand to mouth movement of smoking

It could help to use something like no tobacco cigarettes or herbal cigarettes.

Use CigRx and ease the process to stop smoke and become free of nicotine again.

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