Cigarest uses a homeopathic formula and behavior modification plan to stop smoking

Cigarest uses a homeopathic formula and a behavior modification program to ease the quitting process.

A non-nicotine approach is used.

Cigarrest helps you to take away the physical withdrawal symptoms without using any nicotine.

It makes smokers feeling comfortable when trying to quit the smoking habit.

With this nicotine free product, you can quit smoking at once and for ever.

How does CigArest work?

  • Cigarrest fights the physical as well as the psychological side of nicotine addiction.
  • Two informative guides help you to understand how the stop smoking program works and how to stay stopped. An exercising handbook is also included.
  • Chewable tablets are used to overcome the urge to smoke.
  • Lozenges or gum are included to help control your cravings for nicotine while busy with the quit smoking program.
  • Smokers vitamins help your body recovering from the radical damage the smoking has done and also strengthens your immune system. The body is stimulated by the natural ingredients in Cigarest.
  • An audio cd helps you avoid getting back to smoking in any situation. It also prevents the replacing of one addictive habit with another.
  • When you use the natural quit smoking product, it can take from one to three months successfully to quit smoking.

How to use the Cigarrest quit smoking program:

  • It is suggested that you take one vitamin tablet per day.
  • You can chew a lozenge or a gum if preferred when you experience nicotine cravings.
  • Listen to the Audio to learn about tips and ways to stay away from smoking.
  • Use the informative quit smoking guide to help you stay away from smoking.
  • You can  use the handbook on exercising while you are busy with the quit smoking process.

Six herbal ingredients are used to ease the no nicotine quit smoking process:

  • Lobelia Inflata (indian tobacco) - is a herb which pharmaceutical properties are similar to nicotine. It is dual in its activities, acting as both a relaxant and a stimulant.
  • Cinchona Officinalis (peruvian bark) treats edginess, nervous exhaustion, indigestion and helps alleviate excessive mood swings.
  • Daphne indicia (Spurge Laurel) in this quit smoking aid helps with tobacco cravings and inability to sleep.
  • Plant ago major (Plantain) in Cigarrest produces disgust for tobacco in those who chew it and cures neuralgia resulting from tobacco.
  • Calcarea phosphorica (Calcium Phosphate) is used to treat headaches, hoarseness, burning throat and cough from tobacco smoke.
  • Nux vomica (Poison nut) is a herb used in minute amounts as a restorative preparation. Nux vomica is used to treat insomnia and irritability as well as coughing and scraping in the throat caused by smoking tobacco.

Facts worth mentioning about Cigarest:

  • This smoking cessation aid is easy to use and worth a try.
  •  Cigarrest can be bought on line.
  • A well laid out website is presented, and the company also makes a smoking counselor available if help is needed.
  •   A success rate of more than 60% percent is claimed.

Side effects associated with Cigarrest:

It helps you to take away the physical withdrawal symptoms in a nicotine free manner.

Normally no side effects will be experienced.

Words of caution about the stop smoking aid:

  • The manufacturers of Cigarrest offer a free trial on their web site. However, this requires you to sign up for an auto-ship program which is quite problematic and difficult to cancel.
  • This aid is only free for 30 days, after which you will be billed every month until you cancel.
  •  It is important that one always read the terms of service before buying this quit smoking product.

In a conclusion:

Since 1986 CigArest has helped more than 1,000,000 people to quit.

The natural formula that is used in combination with the behavioral modification plan is very effective.

It remains one of the leading natural stop smoking aids and is really worth a try.

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