Cig-Arette is a quit smoking support system to call it quits

Use Cig-arette to fight the four most important key areas when you want to end your nicotine addiction.

The quitting smoking product uses an herbal formula to give mental and physical relief when a person wants to quit smoking.

Specific herbs are used to make the brain believe that it is still receiving nicotine while in reality nicotine is no longer fed to the body.

The four areas that the system really addresses are cravings, stress, nicotine addiction and withdrawal symptoms.

The Seven Day Cig-Arette stop Smoking Support System uses 4 herbal formulas to stop the addiction. The formulae help to ease stress, cravings, tension and irritability.

Formulae 1, 2 and 3:

These formulae are in the form of stop smoking pills.

Sixteen medicinal herbs are used in formulae 1 and 3, and are used to help the body with the first stages of withdrawal and cravings.

Fourteen medicinal herbs are used in formula two. This is to help the lungs, airways, glands and organs effectively recover from toxic nicotine substances.

Formula 4:

Seven aromatic herbs are used in formula 4. Formula four is in liquid form and is used to help with cravings.

One drop is to be placed under the nose when cravings become to strong. When breathed in the pleasurable aroma fills the lungs and nasal passages and eases the nicotine cravings.

A requirement of a good quit smoking product, as mentioned in one of my earlier pages, is the ease to carry it with you when trying to quit. The liquid is in a small bottle and can easily fit into a purse or pocket and is ready for use whenever needed.

Some positive remarks:

  • The CigArette quit smoking support system cleanse the system and contain nutrients to help you mentally break with smoking.
  • Lobelia, one of the most important quit smoking herbs is used in this support system.
  • The program is safe and natural which ensures that the effect of smoking on the body is stopped at once.
  • A money back guarantee of two months is included.
  • CigArette offers good quit smoking support.
  • This is aFDA approved system.
  • No drugs or nicotine are used, and no weight gain is experienced.
  • No prescription is required, and a success rate of more than 95% is experienced.

Some words of caution:

  •  The cleansing process will cause a few side effects including headache, nausea and an upset stomach. These affects are minor and will leave shortly. If it becomes too bad the intake of nutritional support,”Formula 1”, can be decreased before a doctor is consulted.
  • When pregnant, nursing or if taking other medications better consult a doctor before using the CigArette quit smoking support system.

To Conclude:

If you are really committed and willing to combine your commitment with “Cig-Arette’s”, formula you do have an increased change of success.

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