Use Chantix quit smoking to stop.

Use nicotine free Chantix quit smoking  and succeed within 12 weeks.

Chantix is a prescribed drug and it contains no nicotine.

It helps you to overcome your smoking addiction.

How does the Chantix quitting smoking drug work?

The active ingredient used is varenicline tartare.

The quit smoking drug targets nicotine receptors in the brain. It attaches to these receptors blocking nicotine from reaching them. The urge to smoke is thus actively reduced.

Smoking will not be a pleasure any more and you will experience a bad taste when smoking.

How to use Chantix quit smoking: 

Chantix is normally used over a period of 12 weeks. After this period more than 70% of want to quitters who use this quit smoking drug become smoke free.

Start using one 0.5 mg pill per day for the first three days. From day four to seven you take two 0,5mg pills per day.

From day 8 you take one 1mg pill per day until the end of day 14. The rest of the time till the end of week 12 you take 2 of the 1mg pills per day.

By now you should be free from smoking.

Benefits of Chantix quit smoking:

  • With this quit smoking product, most quitters experience positive results within two weeks.
  • Withdrawal symptoms and nicotine cravings are largely reduced.

  •  An online consultation form can be completed making it possible to buy Chantix online.
  •   A free support program is available for want to quitters.
  • Behavioral counseling via telephone and a toll-free support hotline can be used.
  •  A high rate of success is achieved due to the combination treatment of counseling and prescribed medication.

Chantix quit smoking vs. Zyban:

Zyban can be used if Chantix is not suitable. 

The active ingredient in Zyban is welbutrin. This is also a prescribed pill and the course also last for approximately 12 weeks. 

Although it is not as effective as Champix it is efficient and can be used with positive results.

Words of caution:

  • If you fail to quit within the expected 12 weeks you may request your doctor to extend the course.
  • You have to discuss your medical history with a doctor before using Chantix, because it is not suitable for everyone. If this is the case it is better to use Zyban.
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not play with fire. Do not use Chantix quit smoking.
  •  Children under the age of 18 years must not play with fire, stay away from Champix.   For a full list of all risks and recommendations, read the Chantix patient leaflet supplied with your stop smoking tablets. 
  • Some people can  experience nasty side effects when using the stop smoking pill. Please consult your doctor if it happens.
  • Be aware that the pills can interact with other medication. Inform your doctor if you are using other medication as well.
  • Do not use a double dose of the pills if you have missed a previous one. Wait till it is time for the next dose and carry on with it.     

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An interesting link about women and quit smoking with Chantix.

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