Butt it out uses Natural Capsules and an Oral Spray to stop nicotine addiction

Butt it out uses nature’s herbal medicines to ease quit smoking and to succeed within in a short period of time. Capsules, oral spray and multivitamins are used for support, and successfully to quit smoking.

Buttitout.ca is manufactured in Canada.

The product is sold world wide. During the last ten years, it was sold in more than 6000 retail stores

The active substance used in Buttitout is lobelia. Lobelia is non addictive, and it is used to block nicotine from reaching the nicotine receptors in our brain.

Our desire for tobacco is reduced to a great extend and quitting becomes easier.

How to use Buttitout:

The capsules-- It is recommended to take three capsules daily about 30 minutes before meals. It becomes much easier then to handle nicotine cravings. The cravings are normally high just after meal times.

The oral spray-- Take two to three sprays direct into the mouth when you crave a cigarette. Shake well before use.

It is suggested that Buttitout.ca be used for a period of two to three months. It leaves enough time for the body to get rid of smoking pollutants. This gives a person a much better change to remain tobacco free.

Words of caution about Butt it out quit smoking pills.

  • When pregnant or nursing it is better consulting a doctor before using this quit smoking system.
  • In order to get and keep the body nicotine free it is better not to use this quit smoking herbal medicine together with nicotine patches or nicotine gums. This is because one system will then slowly release nicotine into the body while the other is trying to rid the body of it.

  • Lobelia is very safe, and a wonderful herbal aid, but care must be taken not to take too much of it. Lobeline that is found in lobelia is toxic and can be dangerous when used in large dosages.

Facts worth mentioning about Buttitout:

  • This herbal stop smoking system has been approved by health Canada as a stop smoking medicine.
  • This system can safely be used by teens.
  • Buttitout is safe to use it is all natural and non addictive.
  • The quit smoking herbal product eases withdrawal symptoms, and it helps to rid the body from nicotine and smoking toxins.
  • As with Smoke Deter an oral spray is used. This sublingual method is quick and effective because it is direct. It ensures that the substance will only risk degradation by salivary enzymes before entering the bloodstream, and by nothing else.
  • Butt it out is a proven system with a high success rate that has been available for a couple of years already.

  • The manufacturer claims that a high success rate has been proven. They had less than 1% rate of return since they have placed money back guarantee on their quit smoking product.

  • A blog is available providing lots of quit smoking tips as well as advice to support you in times of need. Support from U.S. and Canadian quit lines have also been made available.

To conclude:

With herbs that are used and with the way it is applied Buttitout.ca certainly support us in beating the nicotine addiction.

With Butt it out it is indeed possible to quit in a short period of time and to conquer our cravings for more cigarettes.

Nature's herbal medicines will always be a good choice.

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