Use a blueprint to quit smoking

A blueprint to quit smoking  helps through the rough times.

We do need more than indications for the use of a specific quit smoking product. We need a proper and personalized blueprint to quit.

Without a blueprint, we are like a family that is going on holiday without knowing where they are going for the holiday, not knowing how much it will cost and not knowing when they will be back again.

With a blueprint to quit smoking we know exactly where to go and what to do and when to do it while quitting smoking.

A blueprint to quit smoking should be SMART:

S: -- Specific

M: -- Measurable

A: -- Attainable

R: -- Realistic.

T: -- Time Related

It will always be a good practice to make my quit smoking goal very specific. Not only “I want to quit smoking”. It should include the method I am going to use to quit smoking.

Maybe I would like to combine two methods in order to address my physical, as well as the mental addiction, and it should be in writing.

It is imperative to decide before the time what to do to fight sudden cravings. Or how to handle social occasions where friends and family are smoking while I am busy to fight the cravings.

I have to be specific about the support I am going to use. Would it be a better use the support of a close friend, or may be my spouse, or may be an ex-smoker? Different support systems could be better.

Some people would like to join quit smoking support groups. It will also be helpful to join a quit smoking forum to discuss different issues that may arise while I am on my quit smoking journey.

One’s blueprint to stop smoking should include a yardstick, where by one can measure your progress.

If for instance, I am using a nicotine replacement method, specific amounts of products at different pre-determent dates should be used.

It would also be a good practice to measure my weight at regular intervals to avoid over gaining in weight while I am trying to quit smoking.

The intervals where by cravings occur could be measured in order to determine whether the cravings become longer apart. This will be a good indication of the progress I am making in becoming an ex smoker.

Is it possible to attain the goals we are setting successfully to quit smoking?

Do we have time to set aside to give the necessary attention when implementing our quit smoking plans? Can we afford it?

Is the method I am using the right for me? Can I control my weight? Is it easy to get hold of my support, even in the middle of the night?

A number of similar questions should be addressed while drawing up my blueprint to quit smoking.

Are the quit smoking goals that I set realistic?

If I am going through a period of tension like writing exams it could be better wait till after the exams before I put my blueprint to quit smoking in action.

Do I think it is realistic to quit within the period of time that is suggested when using a specific quit smoking product like nicorette gums for instance? Will my support see it as realistic if I call them in the middle of the night?

A blueprint to quit should be time related.

If I use an e book to quit smoking how long will it take to work through it? Or if I use Hypnosis to quit smoking how long will it take and how many sessions?

If I use a product like Tabex how long will the course be? Or if I use nicotine replacement how long will it take and what is the longest period that I am allowed to use it?

To conclude:

I would suggest you use this and other websites to educate yourself and then use the information on this page to write your own blueprint to quit smoking.

One should keep it with you, work on it, and change it if you have to, but use it as a clear road map on the road that you take to quit smoking once and for all.

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