You plan proper to becomeanex

To becomeanex  you have to keep on trying until you experience the ultimate success. The secret is to never give up.

Becoming an ex smoker is possible.

It can be done with relative ease giving that you do it right.

The secret is it must be done right.You must have a definite plan of action and you have to stick with it. If some times you fail to follow your quit smoking plan to the letter it is no problem.

You must however have a basic plan to follow even if some times you deviate a bit.

The basic plan should be there to follow and you have to take some action steps and there are certain precautions you have to take.

What some of my friends did to become ex smokers:

John--- John is an ex police officer who tried various ways to quit smoking, but without success. 

John failed, because his mother wanted him to quit. It was not his decision. His heart was not in the quitting effort.

 After various failures John realized that his health was deteriorating too fast. Suddenly John realized that he had a problem and that it was his problem and not his mother’s. 

John decide to quit. Not his mom. It became his decision now.  

John discussed the decision with his girlfriend. (That was before they got married) She decided to support him all the way. Day and night. She offered to be available for support and she was there all the time. 

Then John stopped cold turkey. He decided to becomeanex smoker and he did just that.

Schallie from Schallie’s Taxis--- Schallie smoked for just over 30 years. He tried to quit smoking for plenty a time, but he never succeeded.

Schallie failed because his heart was not really in it. He told me he mainly wanted to quit because his wife did not like his smoking habit. It was not his concern.

Then one day Schallie realized that he became short of breath, his environment and his fingers became dirty due to nicotine. Schallie realized he was wasting his money, his time and his health. He decided to become an ex smoker.

Schallie went to his pastor and they prayed together. His pastor promised to pray and to support him day and night. His pastor did just that he supported him day and night.

Schallie used the quit smoking patch, he used a quit smoking gum and the prayed a lot. He successfully became an ex smoker.

I had a similar problem--- A month after I started smoking I decided to quit and I did, but only for one week.

After that I stopped many times, but I never succeeded in becoming an ex smoker.

Then one morning I woke up and I lit my pipe as usual. I used to smoke even before I took my first cup of coffee. That specific morning I realized that I was in deep trouble. I had a monkey on my back and I could not get rid of it.

I wanted to becomeanex smoker, but I did not know how.

I discussed it with my wife. She decided to support me.Then I took out a book from the library that taught me how to quit smoking.

I applied the lessons from the book, my wife supported me and I became an ex smoker.

What to do to becomeanex smoker:

My friends and me had three things in common---

·        To succeed we had to make up our own minds.

·        To succeed we had to get proper and constant support.

·        To succeed we had to use a proper quit smoking plan or program.

In a conclusion:

In order to stop smoking my friends and me got the basics right.

We made our own decisions, we found very good support and we each found a workable and realistic quit smoking  program.

We tried and we failed, but we kept on trying until we found the right action steps. Then we succeeded, because we kept on running in the marathon.    

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