Anti smoking medication effectively reduces withdrawal symptoms

Anti smoking medication is used to make quitting more bearable.

These medications make the quit smoking process bearable because, the withdrawal symptoms are effectively reduced.

Two types of medicines to help quit smoking are available--

This medication is non nicotine medicines and nicotine replacement medicines.

Nicotine replacement medicines:

Nicotine replacement medicines (NRT) provide nicotine into the system in a form other than smoking and the toxic chemicals associated with tobacco smoke. You have to start using NRT on your quit date to avoid any more toxic chemicals being fed into your body, and also to avoid a nicotine overdose.

Five types of nicotine replacement treatments are available--

  • Nicotine gums release nicotine in the mouth when you chew it. It is then absorbed by the blood vessels in your mouth.

The gum may be used without a prescription.

No prescription is required.

Some patches are available without prescription, but for some you do need a prescription.

  • Nicotine nasal spray quickly releases nicotine into the body.

A prescription is needed.

A prescription is needed.

Non nicotine anti smoking medication does not inject any more nicotine into your body--

Non nicotine medicines mostly used are Zyban (Wellbutrin) and Bupropion (also known as Chantix in USA and Champix in, Europe and other countries.)

These medicines are anti depressants, and their roll is to help quitters fighting sudden depression “attacks” when they quit, and withdrawal becomes difficult to handle.

When using these medicines you can keep on smoking while using it. You only have to quit on the quit date you set yourself.

Chantix works in two ways, it blocks the enjoyable effects that smoking has on the brain, and it reduces withdrawal symptoms.

Chantix is in pill form, and it must be prescribed by a healthcare person.

Mostly people do have success when using Chantix, but some people give up using it because of severe side effects.

A prescription is needed.

Zyban is a pill that suppresses your desire to smoke.

People with high blood pressure must take special care before using Zyban. Overuse of Zyban can cause eating disorders.

A prescription is needed.

Tabex (Cytisine) is another quit smoking medication that is used with a fair rate of success.

Considerations to discuss with your doctor before using anti smoking medication:

  • When pregnant or planning to get pregnant it is important to discuss it with a doctor before you use stop smoking medications.
  • Smoking is associated with to many negative effects it has on babies as well as unborn babies. Special care must always be taken.
  • If you have a history of depression and psychiatric problems care should be taken before using stop smoking medicines. Special care should be taken before using Zyban or Chantix.
  • If you are over 65, or you have moderate to severe kidney disease, it is possible that quit smoking drugs can accumulate in your body because it cannot be cleared by the kidneys. The result will be toxic chemicals that stay in the body.

To conclude:

One must always remember that it is a better use anti smoking medication together with one or other form of behavior counseling.

That will make the quitting process easy, and it will ensure long term success.

It is good to use smoking cessation medications. It reduces withdrawal symptoms and quitting becomes easier.

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