Alternative cigarettes are used with success

Many ex-smokers used alternative cigarettes to quit.

Most ex-smokers who have used it are happy with these smokes.

Users of tobacco free cigarettes are mostly satisfied with the positive results they obtained. No nicotine cigarettes provide us with a natural alternative.

Less toxic substances enter the body when using no nicotine cigarettes.

Many different types of nicotine free smokes are available.

Herbal cigarettes are available in a number of flavors and are all free of nicotine.

We get E-cigarettes with no nicotine and then we get no nicotine plastic inhalers that are called Paipo.

Herbal cigarettes:

Herbal cigarettes are also known as nicotine free or tobacco free cigarettes. It is normally made of a mixture of different herbs. Some times, other plant material can also be added to the mixture.

-- Facts worth mentioning about herbal cigarettes—

  • Herbal cigarettes are tobacco free and free of nicotine. It does not contain any substances that are addictive.
  • After quitting some people smoke these herbal cigarettes when drinking alcohol in order to stay nicotine free.
  • The herbal cigarettes assist in beating the physical habit. You now have a way to maintain the hand to mouth action without any nicotine intake.
  • You can keep on smoking these herbal cigarettes until you have overcome the chemical addiction. Then you can make an effort to stop smoking the herbal cigarettes if you want to.

-- Words of caution about herbal cigarettes—

  • When you start smoking these smokes, you will experience some coughing. This is because your body was used to tobacco smoke, but the coughing will stop soon.
  • Many people do not like the taste of these cigarettes, but they still think it is better going nicotine free. Some people say it tastes very bad.
  • Although herbal cigarettes are nicotine free, it still contains tar that can damage your lungs. My feeling is that it is better being nicotine free while still smoking. We should remember that smoke free will always be best.

Alternative cigarettes where to buy:

The tobacco free cigarettes are available at a variety of stores which are easy to find on the internet. My experience is that one of the easiest places to buy is at Amazon.

What I do like most about Amazon is that good positive and some times not so positive no tobacco cigarettes reviews are available.

It is important to take your time and study these reviews before making any decision to purchase. The reviews are free and easy to access. Normally you will find several reviews. It then becomes easy to make a well informed decision, before buying the tobacco free cigarettes.

Alternative cigarettes Amazon:

Alternative cigarettes brands with a variety of flavors are available at Amazon.

Choices are to be made between--

  •  Menthol cigarettes where menthol is added with the herbal mixture.
  • Ginseng smokes that use the regular herbs with ginseng and exotic yellow papers added.
  • With De Luxe herbal cigarettes apple and honey juice are added.
  • Vanilla cigarettes have a taste of vanilla added.
  • Strawberry cigarettes.
  • Cherry and Chocolate.
  • Clove cigarettes with a light clove aroma.
  • Mild blue cigarettes.

Alternative cigarettes electronic:

Normally electronic cigarettes are powered by a battery. A liquid nicotine mixture is then vaporized that can be inhaled. Lately, it is possible to buy e-cigarettes that are nicotine free.

It is still helpful to use it in maintaining the hand to mouth movement until you have overcome the chemical addiction. Ending the physical addiction becomes much easier than.

Paipo cigarettes:

The Paipo cigarette is another addition to no nicotine cigarettes. It consists of a nicotine free plastic inhaler.

Paipo is a fake cigarette, and it lets you simulate smoking. The inhaler consists of a fiber sponge filter plug. It is soaked in naturally extracted herbal aroma oil. Now it is placed in a plastic casing similar to a cigarette.

The inhaler is now used to maintain the hand to mouth action but without smoking and without nicotine.

It is a complete cigarette alternative and many people already used it to quit smoking.

No nicotine cigarettes side effects:

We should remember that it is a good decision to stay nicotine free. These cigarettes are nicotine free, and it certainly is advantageous to smoke if compared to tobacco cigarettes.

The best decision, however, is to stay smoke free, because these cigarettes still contain monoxide and tar that damage the body.

No side effects due to nicotine use will be experienced when using these tobacco free cigarettes.

In a conclusion:

My suggestion would be to use tobacco free cigarettes. Alternative cigarettes in stores are available and easy to find.

There are so many to choose from. It is possible to find a brand that will suit your specific choice. Try to find it and use it to your benefit.

Many quitters have already used it with positive results, leaving them happy and free from nicotine addiction. It is worth the effort.

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