Use acuone to stop smoking

The Acuone device uses electro stimulation to fight your cigarette addiction.

The anti smoking device, is stripped around the wrist.

Electro stimulation of the 7 acupuncture points on the inside of the wrist will reduce cravings and help you to stay tobacco free.

After four years of research, this antitobacco device was developed by a French doctor and acupuncture professor.

How does the Acuone device work?

The operation of the acupuncture smoking cessation device is based upon the science where the inside of the wrist has seven points. These points (acupoints) can be combined and stimulated to regulate energy that performs an essential function in the body.

The device uses electro-acupuncture (tiny electrical pulses) to stimulate the appropriate acupoints.

The bracelet consists of a case with a programmed chip, an activation button and metal contact studs. The studs are arranged in order to stimulate the acupoints in the wrist as soon as the button is pressed to activate the device.

The seven acupuncture points on the side of the wrist act on stress and will. Cravings and stress associated with the quitting process are, therefore, reduced, and quitting becomes much easier.

How to use the quit smoking bracelet:

The acupuncture to quit smoking device is placed on the inside of your right wrist and as close as possible to the palm of your hand. The metal contacts must rest against the skin.

You must then use the acupuncture smoking cessation device

  • When you wake up.
  • Once every hour
  • Whenever you feel the urge.

Every time you just press the start button. The device operates for 2 minutes and then stops automatically.

It curbs the cravings and it helps to release the “feel good" endorphins to make the quit smoking process more bearable and stress free.

Facts worth mentioning about the quitting smoking  device:

  • The bracelet is easy to use, and users stay motivated to quit once they have started the process.
  • When monitored, a group of patients was 87, 5 (%) successful in stopping the smoking habit.
  • The operation of the stop smoking device is completely pain free.
  • The stopping process is natural, and the acupuncture to quit smoking device is discreet and easy to use.
  • Except replacing batteries, no maintenance is required.
  • One year warranty against defects in material and workmanship is included.

Words of caution about the acupuncture to quit smoking device:

  • It must be stressed that the device will only work when used on the right wrist. Do not use the left wrist. Also, remember the device must be positioned with extreme care.
  • It will not be of any benefit if you use the device more than 15 times a day.
  • The device is not waterproof or water-resistant.
  • You have to protect the acupuncture to quit smoking device from dust, humidity and direct sunlight.
  • If in doubt consult your doctor before using the product.
  • The stop smoking bracelet is not to be used by pregnant women or people using pacemakers.

Side effects associated with the device:

You are able progressively to control your cigarette consumption without any side effects.

To conclude:

By making use of the Acuone electro-acupuncture gadget, it is easy to become smoke free again.

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