Use the three Acu aid quit methods to stop

This Acu aid quit smoking program combines hypnosis acupuncture with magnetic patches and neuro-programming.

When various methods are combined like this, chances of quit smoking and addressing the problems associated with it, are largely increased.

This multiple support method provides a person with one of the best changes to quit the smoking habit.

 Acuaids was invented by a Dr. William Schneider, and is used to reprogram your body and mind easily to become and stay an ex-smoker.

How does the Acu aid quit program work?

Neuro programming is used through brainwave entrainment. This is a process whereby the brainwave patterns are changed in order to help a person to stop the smoking habit and to stay stopped.

Quit smoking hypnotherapy plays an important role in this Acuaid   program. It is used to help a person to improve self image, reduces nicotine cravings and to become more self disciplined.

Acuaids uses acupuncture with magnetic patches and plays a significant part in this program. Band-aids are used to hold magnetic bee bees on certain acupuncture points to provide stimulation and help a person to overcome the addiction.

The Acu aid quit smoking program includes various elements:

The hypnosis to quit smoking program and dietary supplement homeopathic tablets, to rebuild the body, can be purchased online.

Beebees, replacement band-aids and an instruction card for acupuncture point location are included.

An instructional DVD to watch and a CD for hypnosis and neuro programming are also included.

How to use the Acuaids quit smoking program:

It is a good idea to listen to the CD every night before bedtime, and wear the bee bees for 30 days or till stopped.

Some positive remarks about AcuAids:

  • In studies done to determine the effectiveness of acupuncture to stop smoking, it was found that a high rate of success was achieved.
  • Participants develop a bad taste for tobacco and, therefore, significantly reducing their desire to smoke.
  • With this Acuaids quit smoking program the benefits of acupuncture, neuro programming and hypnosis can be experienced at home and at a cheap rate.
  • Acuaids provide for big time savings especially to persons with busy schedules. It is possible to apply it in the convenience of one’s own home.
  • It is not necessary for persons to deal with their fear for needles, because the magnetic bee bees are used in the place of needles.

Words of caution:

  • For persons using a pacemaker or a defibrillator, it is better not to use the Acuaids program or consult a doctor before using it.
  • If pregnant one has to consult a doctor before making use of Acuaids.
  • The Acu aid program is not to be used by children under the age of 12 years.

In a conclusion:

The Acu aid quit program combine three very powerful methods and a high rate of success is claimed.

Positive acknowledgements are given by the American Cancer Society. This combined acupuncture to stop smoking program is a viable option.

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