Use Smoke rx to do a 7 day stop smoking

Smoke rx uses herbs and natural ingredients to help with withdrawal and to lessen nicotine cravings.

The quit smoking program helps you to stop smoking within seven days.

It contains herbs and natural ingredients that bind with nicotine receptors in your brain.

It lessens  nicotine cravings, and it helps you to cope with nicotine withdrawal.

SmokeRX uses quit smoking capsules, and an aromatherapy to ensure successful quitting.

How does the quit plan work?

SmokeRX works with four different formulas (A – D).

The formulas help to  clean the body, assists with withdrawal symptoms and also to aid with breaking the physical habit.

This is similar to Nicoban

Formula A is used to curb your cravings.

Formula B is used to cleanse the body.

Formula C is used to squelch any new temptations.

Formula D aromatherapy is used to satisfy your physical urges.

How to use the Smoke RX quit smoking tablets:

Start using Formula A --

Formula A immediately helps you with fighting the addiction and helps you to control the desire for a cigarette.

Formula B—

Formula B removes and flushes nicotine out of the body.

Formula C--

After completing Formula A and B, you can start using Formula C.

This formula acts as a maintenance program and is only used when needed. Use it to suppress any after-cravings in order to stay smoke free.

Formula D--

The Formula D aromatherapy is used while busy with the 7 day Smoke Rx program and also thereafter.

When the urge comes you can take the bottle and put a drop on your temples or on the bridge of your nose.

Some people like to put a drop in the palm of their hands. They then rub their hands together and breathe in the fumes, which smell much better than a smoke.

A drop of the liquid can also be massaged right under the nose.

This is also a way to keep the hands busy when the urge is there to light just one more cigarette.

Facts worth mentioning about SmokeRX:

  • If you are not happy with the product the used bottles can be sent back within 30 days and you will be refunded without any questions asked.
  • This stop smoking in 7 days program is a safe and natural way to stop the nicotine addiction.
  • Many positive Smoke Rx reviews have been received.Only two percent of the persons who bought the product have chosen to return it.
  • Some of the ingredients in Smoke Rx help to reduce stress that is associated with quit smoking.
  • The product does not contain any nicotine.
  • Smokerx ingredients are all natural and herbal.

Words of caution about the stop smoking in 7 days product:

  • When taking prescribed medicine it is suggested to consult with a doctor before using the product.
  • One of the key ingredients, Lobelia, can cause an uneasy stomach. Cut back to one capsule per day if this happens or see a doctor if the symptoms don’t stop.
  • It is best not to smoke while using the product, because that could lead to an uneasy stomach.

SmokeRx side effects:

No negative side effects are associated with the natural quit smoking program.

Conclusive facts about the Smoke RX quit smoking program:

Since September 2003, this became a very successful product. It was tried and tested in America and is certainly worth a try.

With herbs and natural ingredients that are used it is possible to stop smoking in 7 days.

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