I stopped smoking to free myself

I stopped smoking for health purposes and because because  I wanted to.

I had to stop, because I realized it was the only way to free myself from nicotine addiction. 

I wanted to quit, because the smoking left me with a health problem. Due to my smoking habit the veins taking the blood to my heart were damaged. Quitting stopped further damage. 

According to the doctor the damage that was done will never fully recover. The fact that I did not smoke too many cigarettes per day probably saved my life.

I stopped smoking after 32 years: 

My name is Rassie van Wyk and I took my first cigarette when I was 16 years old. It was 1971 and I thought it was big fun. 

If you ask me now why I ever started smoking I cannot tell. The only thing I realize now is that it was a silly thing to do. My advice would be to stay away from cigarettes. 

I think I was only smoking to challenge my teachers. What a stupid thing it was to do. 

I used to stop smoking for a couple of weeks and then I would smoke again. It was only a fun thing and I was not really addicted to nicotine. 

During 1974 I became hooked: 

January 1974 I went to a college in Esselenpark and I became a permanent smoker. 

I think it happened because most of my friends were smoking and it became so easy to join in during the regular smoke breaks that took place. 

Socializing was easy and big fun. I remember how care free we were and how strong we felt. We liked to inhale the smoke deep into the lungs and then blowing big circles into the air. We enjoyed every moment there of. 

We were chatting and smoking and chatting and smoking all the time. What a fun time we had. 

We left college and started working at many different places. I was sent to a small place in the country. One day I realized that smoking was not so much fun any more. I was hooked and I immediately stopped smoking. 

I stopped many times, but only to start again. I just could not quit permanently. 

I stopped smoking in 1991, but not permanently: 

One night in 1991 I was sitting in front of the TV and I made a sudden decision to quit and so I did. I just stopped smoking. 

I stumped out my cigarette and I said to my wife that I was finished smoking. 

It lasted for 7 years and then one night I lit a cigarette again. The craving became just unbearable and I had to take a cigarette. I was still a smoker and it was not easy to stop. 

My last effort: 

In 1998 I started smoking for the last time and it lasted till 2003. I decided to quit again and I did. 

Again I stopped smoking. 

Quit smoking cold turkey: 

Every time I stopped smoking it was with the cold turkey method. If you ask me why I cannot really tell, but I never wanted to spend money on my quit smoking efforts. 

Stop smoking cold turkey is drastic and quick and you do not really have something to ooze the withdrawal. 

All I can suggest is get your spouse or a friend or some one to talk to when the cravings come. If you do this you have a fair change to succeed. 

I think what made me quit smoking effort easier was the fact that I did not smoke too much. I used to smoke not more than 7 cigarettes per day. Some times it was less, but never more than seven. 

Many times I smoked only half a cigarette. I then kept the other half and smoked it later again. The smell and taste was awful. The people around me found it disgusting, but while I was smoking I did not care too much. 

In a conclusion: 

I was silly to ever start smoking, but some times when you are young you make silly mistakes, because you lack experience and wisdom. 

It is also a fact that when you are young you think you know everything about life and you do not always listen to your superiors. 

I tried to quit many times and I failed many times, but I kept on pushing. 

I stopped smoking during 2003 and I never had a smoke again. I always tried to occupy my mind with some thing else when the cravings hit me and it worked. I do not want to smoke again. 

I am an ex smoker now and I want to keep it like that.”

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